A human leather wallet

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Here is a fine useable piece, a wallet created using human leather for the outer piece with two patches of human leather on the inside. The rest of the leather is pig skin (due to the high cost of human leather the price would almost double if the entire piece was human. (This could be done, message me for info) 

The wallet is roughly 90mm tall and 220mm long (when folded out) 

At least 30 square inches of leather goes into each wallet.

To some these are awesome, to others, they ask why. But why not? Why should we not use what’s available to us when no one else is using it, why should we let worms, bugs and micro organisms feast on this perfectly good flesh when it can be used to create appreciated objects. People can be quick to judge, claiming such acts are disrespectful. Here in the uk we’re brought up to respect the dead more so than the living. No harm has been done to the living and unlike most leather this didn’t come about through farming by creating life for consumption. 

This leather was sourced from various people in the past and was within my personal collection. I will not tell you exactly where the various leathers came from (not many businesses will tell you their sources as that’s not how businesses work)

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