Crucifixion thing

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This is a fine example of a fictional superhero zombie wizard, who was attached to a cross by his mates as he was a full time stoner and he couldn’t quit. Unfortunately the dudes who put him up there decided to sample his wizardly herb he’d personally grown as a hybrid strain he called “Christianity”. underestimating it’s strength it caused them to not only eat the worlds supply of Jaffa cakes, they also forgot about there mate they’d superglued to a cross. So unfortunately the wizard died. But not all was lost! As those who put him up there had some explaining to do about the disappearance of “the dude” they decided to dress up Barbra (the lady who ran the local cafe) as she looked somewhat similar to “the dude”. When others asked where “the dude” had been they claimed that he’d sacrificed himself for all the wrong in the world but miraculously made an almost unbelievable recovery just in time to celebrate his favourite pagan holiday with his pet dinosaur Jeff.

Height is roughly 42cm.

Photos form part of the description so look closely.

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If this description upsets you please bare this in mind- you believe your god created everything, therefore he created me, my mind and my actions. The fire that ignites inside of you will only make your faith stronger. 

You’re welcome. 

All the remains I sell are over 100 years old for the law, ethically sourced and respect of the living friends and relatives, I would never sell any remains with a known name as this may upset the living and that is in my opinion disrespectful. If someone is disrespected with no link to a random skull then that is their opinion and in my mind not disrespectful.