Exploded skull

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This is an exploded skull, articulated in a way to view the internal bones of the skull. It is a real human skull beautifully articulated in the uk by Dan JD Robson. 

known as a “Beauchêne” named after the original creator of the exploded skull preparation it was thought to of been first articulated by a Claude Beauchêne of France, but After some research, Edmé François Chauvot Beauchêne (1780-1830) is a name that comes up quite often. He was an anatomist who was the Deputy Chief of Anatomical Works of the Faculté de Madeline de Paris and member of the Société Anatomique de Paris.  Beauchêne, was also a surgeon who was Deputy Head Surgeon at Hôpital Saint-Antoine in Paris and surgeon to King Charles X. 

Articulated on a heavy base with brass hardware, most parts are moveable. This will be sent in a few pieces but it’s a simple job to put back together, message me with any questions. 

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