Ghost hunt

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The countdown has begun, less than six weeks to go.
Begin the evening with a tour of the Curiosities from the 5th Corner shop in Black Notley. You’ll have the chance to get up close and personal to the macabre and beautiful specimens that the public usually don’t get the pleasure to see. You will need to have your own transport as its then a drive down to the well sign posted and easy to find Kelvedon Hatch Secret nuclear Bunker. At one of Essex’s most haunted locations, YOU will get to use a range of paranormal investigation methods from modern K2 meters to the more traditional ouija board and some techniques in-between to try and make contact with spirits of the other realm.

26th of august 18:00 - 3:00
Spaces are limited for a more intimate and personal experience.

 You’ve two options, meet at the shop at 6, we’ll be leaving at 8 to head to the bunker. Or just meet us at the bunker at 9:00. We’ll probably finish up at about 3 in the morning. 



Shop address

gb finch carpark

lynderswood lane

great Leigh’s


(Don’t just look for the postcode as you’ll be sent elsewhere) 

Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker Brentwood
CM15 0LA

Can I come along?
Sure, we’d love you there. Providing of course you’re
• Over 18
• Not pregnant
• Able bodied (the venue is not wheelchair
accessible beyond one floor)
• Not have a heart condition
What am I to expect from the bunker?
Starting at 9pm Saturday night you (yes you) will be trying to communicate with spirits no longer of this world using a variety or modern and traditional techniques. You’ll be using anything from K2 metres through to Ouija boards.
Will I see something?
We’d love for you to have a full blown chat with a supernatural being and capture some proof on video but there are no guarantees during a paranormal investigation.
Terms & Conditions
No smoking in the building (including vaping) There will be specific times in designated areas
No spirits with spirits zero tolerance on the consumption of alcohol for the evening.
Drugs, don’t do them kids they’re bad. Especially not at this ghost hunt.
Respect it, don’t go around graffiti’ing the building. It’s a magnificent place and don’t need it being ruined.
DONT BE A DICK, people have different views. Some people speak to spirits some people are sceptics. Be tolerant of others beliefs and opinions.
Into the light, bring a torch. The lights will be off and you’ll need to see where you’re walking.
Dress for the occasion, layers and sensible foot ware.
Cancellations, why would you want to cancel? We understand that things happen beyond your control though if it’s less than 48 hours we won’t be able to refund you.
If the event gets cancelled? We’ll move heaven and earth to make sure the event goes to plan. We will notify you asap if the unfortunate should occur and will give you priority booking on the next event organised.
Still got a question? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.