Haitian Bizango skull

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This is a Bizango warrior head from Haiti. Inside the wrapping is a real human skull, mirrored eyes as the belief is that ancestors could see through from the spirit world for guidance and protection yet the living cannot see back. Bizango is a secret society of vodou, formed originally by west African slaves. When hundreds of thousands of slaves were taken from west Africa, cultures and beliefs went with them. Haiti, formally the french colony Saint-Domingue was known as the harshest slave colony in the americas. Slaves came together and formed these secret society’s. Not a huge amount is known of these society’s (due to them being secret) the bizangos colours are black and red, army’s of statues were put together, all in red, mirrored eyes, horns and other features. From what I’ve read they were mainly for protection. Another interesting aspect is the zombies, if a member betrayed the Bizango beliefs they would be given a magic powder which some believes contains puffa fish poison. In the right dose with the settings and belief this has and does put people into a zombie like state (or kill them if the dose isn’t right)

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