Human foetus

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This unfortunate didn’t make it to far in life. Thankfully his body was Donated to medical professionals to be used to gain knowledge and understanding of how these precious little beings work, knowledge that is then used to keep the living alive and well. Being a father myself I could never imagine the pain and suffering this loss caused to his family and friends.

photos form part of the description. I am awaiting his delivery, when he arrives I shall upload better photos and sizes (there is a photo next to a lighter to give a rough size guide.

price includes worldwide shipping, he will be shipped without liquid but I can advise on where to purchase more if needs be. 

All the remains I sell are over 100 years old for the law, ethically sourced and respect of the living friends and relatives, I would never sell any remains with a known name as this may upset the living and that is in my opinion disrespectful. If someone is disrespected with no link to a random skull then that is their opinion and in my mind not disrespectful.