Medically “Exploded” child skull

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This is a full child skull, mounted with brass and wood with movable parts. 

Some more information on exploded skulls- 

Edmé François Chauvot de Beauchêne (1780, Île-de-France – 1830, Paris), was a French physician, surgeon and anatomist. He was Chief of l'hopital Saint-Antoine Paris, the Deputy Chief of Anatomical Works of the Faculté de Madeline de Paris (both part of the University of France). He was a member of the Société Anatomique de Paris and a Member of l'Academie de Medecine de Île-de-France as well being the personal physician of Louis XVIII and the surgeon of Charles X. He is buried in Père-Lachaise Cemetery.

Edmé François Chauvot de Beauchêne was the inventor of the disarticulated or exploded human skull used for medical teaching and known as the Beauchêne skull and incorrectly attributed to Claude Beauchene. The skull bones are disarticulated along the sutures and mounted at a distance on brass supports. The bones are attached to the brass rods and the assembly is mounted on independent adjustable and modular brass rods which allow the jaw to advance.

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All the remains I sell are over 100 years old for the law, ethically sourced and respect of the living friends and relatives, I would never sell any remains with a known name as this may upset the living and that is in my opinion disrespectful. If someone is disrespected with no link to a random skull then that is their opinion and in my mind not disrespectful.