NHS human blood and transport cool bag

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This is an essential picnic or everyday bag. 
these come brand new unused. These are still used today by the nhs to transport blood and organs for transplant. 
If you pop a couple of cool blocks in it’ll keep your lunch chilled all day. 

other handy benefits are-

people are less likely to steal your lunch.

conversation starter.

if you decide to hack out your own organs you can carry them about until you possibly die (I do not recommend you do this)


price includes worldwide shipping. 

All the remains I sell are over 100 years old for the law, ethically sourced and respect of the living friends and relatives, I would never sell any remains with a known name as this may upset the living and that is in my opinion disrespectful. If someone is disrespected with no link to a random skull then that is their opinion and in my mind not disrespectful.