Tonsil Guillotine

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Nickel plated tonsil guillotine made in London by Downs Brothers between 1901-1930.

The first tonsillectomy was thought to be performed in the 1st century B.C. by Cornélio Celsus. He reported the procedure performance for dissection and removal of the structures. Celsus applied a mixture of vinegar and milk in the surgical specimen to hemostasis and also described his difficulty doing that due to lack of proper anesthesia 

Tonsil guillotine was a common instrument in the late 1800's through to the early 1900's. It was made with nickel so it could be was down after every use and reused in the next patient and regularly had to be sharpened. 

The guillotine method would regularly cause people to hemorrhage and die in around 54% of cases. It was because of this, the method slowly phased out. 

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