Custom made Skull with scrying bowl

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Have you ever fancied partaking in the art of scrying without a pesky devil potentially involving itself? Are you stuck between the choice of having a human skull cap scrying bowl or a human skull? This could be the piece for your necromancy needs.  A real human skull, medically cut with the cap blackened inside and the sator square carved on top. The cap can be removed and stood within the skull, to then be filled with a liquid for scrying purposes.


Scrying simply put is looking into an ideal medium to seek guidance and or answers.


A sator square is an age old palindrome, that is though to confuse the devil due to the repetition of letters. If one were to read the palindrome by changing direction at the end of each line or each column , one would obtain the phrase “sator opera tenet arepo rotas”, in which the term Sator would indicate the sower, arepo would represent a contraction of areopagus (meaning supreme court), and the palindrome could be translated as: “The sower decides his daily tasks, but the supreme court decides his fate”. this interpretation would therefore attribute a moral meaning to the magic square according to which: “Man decides his daily actions, but only God decides his fate.”

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