Sator skull

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Human skull hand carved in shop with a Sator square. 

The Sator Square (or Rotas Square) is a two-dimensional word square containing a five-word Latin palindrome. It features in early Christian as well as in magical contexts. The earliest example of the square dates from the ruins of Pompeii, and is attributed by some scholars to Jewish or Mithraic origins.

It is a square two-dimensional palindrome with four symmetries. The text may be read top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top, left-to-right, or right-to-left; and it may be rotated 180 degrees and still be read in all those ways.

Sator; meaning to sow, sower, planter, founder, progenitor (usually divine); originator; literally 'seeder'.

Arepo; unknown, likely a proper name, either invented or perhaps of Egyptian origin, e.g., a coded form of the name Harpocrates or Hor-Hap (Serapis).
Tenet; meaning to hold, he/she/it holds, keeps, comprehends, possesses, masters, preserves, sustains.
Opera; meaning work, care, aid, labour, service, effort/trouble; (from opus): (nominative, accusative or vocative noun) works, deeds; (ablative) with effort.
Rotas;  plural of rota, wheels; (verb) you (singular) turn or cause to rotate.

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